So what's this all about?

In January of each year, people of all ages who attend FUUCSA are invited to participate in this program. Participants sign up through this website and are then matched with a Pal from a different generation. Pals are given code names which correspond to one of the mailboxes which are placed on the church patio during this time. The Pals exchange gifts and notes without knowing who each other are while learning about their match. After four exchange Sundays, the Pals meet each other at the reveal luncheon after church. This year the luncheon will be on Feb 18th!

After you sign up, you will be matched with a Pal and be given a code name by the Mystery Pals Matching Fairy. Once the matching is complete, you will receive an email with your code name and a little bit of information about your Pal. Then you will make exchanges in the Mystery Pals Mailboxes, located on the church patio. The exchange dates are Jan 21st, 28th, Feb 4th, and Feb 11th.


A lunch revealing the Pals to each other will be on Feb 18th after church.

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